2013 SONA ng Bayan – People’s State of the Nation Address

Peoples State of the Nation Address

Bayan – USA invites you to join the People’s State of the Nation Address actions across the United States.

Let your voice be heard to expose the corruption, human rights violations and subservience to U.S. imperialism of the U.S. -Aquino puppet regime. We call upon Filipinos and friends across the nation who believe in human rights & national sovereignty to unite for National Democracy, National  Industrialization and Genuine Agrarian Reform in the Philippines!


President Aquino will boast about 7.8% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in the first quarter of this year.

Meanwhile, according to the 2010-2012 Social Weather Statistics,:
-unemployment increased by 2.7 million,
-families experiencing hunger increased to 500,000 families (2.5 million individuals), and
-1.5 million families (12.5 million individuals) consider themselves poor.

The intensification of these conditions is evidence that the economic growth is not distributed down to the common people but rather remains with the ruling, wealthy families and foreigners.

Come out to the SONA ng Bayan demonstration, the People’s State of the Nation Address, to put the Philippine government on blast for not being accountable to its people.

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