Rally Against Presidential and Congressional Pork Barrel



Zero Remittance for Zero Pork!
Join us as we Rally Against Presidential and Congressional Pork Barrel
on Thursday, 9/19 at 3pm
at the Philippine Consulate
(447 Sutter St., San Francisco)
*wear green*
Refrain from sending remittances on 9/19! Spread The Word!
“Zero Remittance Day (ZRD) is a symbolic protest and a political exercise for Filipino im/migrants from different parts of the world to collectively show their outrage on issues that affect them.”
“Filipino im/migrants from all over the world will once again send a united message against the pork barrel system. Our remittances that keep the economy afloat are being plundered by greedy officials. Through the ZRD, we will make our voices be heard in the call to abolish the pork barrel and re-channel funds for the people’s interest, including more efficient services and welfare assistance to overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in distress.”


“While we are hardly surviving by the day due to the global crisis combined with the onslaught of price hikes, to learn that our hard-earned money is being plundered for patronage politics and self-serving interests of a privileged few is a huge injustice. We are more than ready to take the lead in the international indignation against corruption and the plunder of our hard-earned money.”


On September 19, Filipino im/migrants will refrain from remitting to demand the following:


  • Abolish the pork barrel system! Scrap the presidential and congressional pork barrel!
  • Investigate agencies, and prosecute and punish all officials involved!
  • Re-channel funds to the people’s interests!  Provide free, more accessible and more efficient services and welfare assitanc to OFWs in distress!

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