Temporary Protected Status – TPS Action Alert

The campaign for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for ALL of the Philippines has waged on for more than six months now. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is expected to make its decision soon.

Although the process has dragged on for much too long, we encourage the community to keep pushing for TPS as a way to provide much needed relief for affected communities of Typhoon Haiyan as well as assist the over 1 million undocumented and out of status Filipino immigrants in the U.S. who deserve dignity and justice.

To pressure DHS to grant TPS for ALL of the Philippines, NAFCON along with the Relief to Recovery coalition is asking the community to call DHS comment line or post a message to the office’s twitter account every day this week.

To Call –  Use DHS Comment Line: 202-282-8495. If busy call DHS Office of Public Affairs Comment line 202-282-8010 then say:

“Hello. I’m (YOUR NAME), from (YOUR CITY and STATE). I am calling because it is very important that TPS be granted immediately for ALL of the Philippines.”

To TWEET: Use Sample Tweets for each day:


The Crisis has not gone away! We will tweet/call EVERYDAY til @DHSgov grants full #TPSnow 4 #philippines. #Haiyan #NAFCON

This week we tell @DHSgov EVERYDAY that the #philippines needs full #TPSnow to help rebuild after #Haiyan #NAFCON


To @DHSgov, it’s been 200 days since #haiyan! Grant full #philippines full #TPSnow! #NAFCON

#6months later and @DHSgov still hasn’t granted full #TPSnow for the #philippines. #NAFCON


Only 50 house have been rebuilt since #haiyan (http://ow.ly/x1iO3)@DHSgov #philippines needs full #TPSnow #NAFCON

“It has been 6 months since Yolanda. Why are we so slow in helping the victims?” (http://ow.ly/x1iO3) @DHS grant full #TPSnow! #NAFCON


30,000 people are still living in danger zones #6months after #haiyan (http://ow.ly/x1iO3) @DHSgov grant full #TPSnow. #NAFCON

Filipinos outside of the #philippines are the 1st line of humanitarian aid for their familes! @DHSgov grants full #TPSnow! #NAFCON


Republicans and Democrats agree that #TPSnow should be granted to #philippines! @DHSgov grant full #TPSnow #NAFCON

To @DHSgov Grant TPS for ALL of the Philippines. It is still urgently needed. #TPSnow #DHS #Philippines #NAFCON

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