Prep for People’s SONA

san francisco
people’s SONA

Preparation for People’s SONA
Saturday July 19th
San Jose Peace & Justice Center,
48 South 7th Street

Join Bayan-USA, Anakbayan Silicon Valley, and Pilipino Association of Workers and Immigrants
for an educational discussion and prop making in preparation for the People’s SONA in San Francisco later
this month. On July 28th President Benigno Aquino II of the Philippines will deliver his
State of the Nation Address (SONA). The People’s SONA is an event where the people of the
Philippines will expose the fact that Aquino has not addressed the root causes of the issues facing the
overwhelming majority of Filipinos such as the rising prices of commodities, the plight of Yolanda
victims, the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, and human rights violations. As a special guest,
Anu Mandavilli of Friends of South Asia will present on the human rights situation facing the people of
India in order to show the need for international solidarity against state violence against the people.

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