Dignity & Justice For Migrant Workers!

Dignity & Justice
For Migrant Workers!

May 12th

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
2020 E. San Antonio Street San Jose, CA
(Portable classroom behind the church/Back parking Lot)

Join the International Migrants Alliance (IMA) – South Bay in welcoming IMA Chairperson Eni Lestari as she discusses the need to end the root causes of forced migration and the urgency to advance the international movement of migrants, refugees and displaced people.

Eni Lestari is an Indonesian domestic worker and migrant rights activist who has been working in Hong Kong since 1999. In addition to being the current Chairperson of IMA,the first ever grassroots global alliance of migrants, refugees and displaced people established in 2008. Eni is also the founding member of the Association of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Hong Kong (ATKI-HK), Coordinator for United Indonesians Against Over Charging (PILAR) and spokesperson for the Asian Migrants Coordinating Body (AMCB), an alliance of migrant organizations of Nepalese, Sri Lankans, Thais, Filipinos and Indonesians. She is also the former board member of the Global Alliance Against Trafficking of Women. 

Eni will be joined by local migrant activists in the South Bay as they discuss their struggle for justice and dignity. Also joining us, will be the Watsonville Brown Berets who will discuss their solidarity work with the National Boycott Driscoll’s Campaign, in support of farmworkers in San Quintin, Mexico and farmworkers of Sakuma farms from Washington State.

Dignity & Justice for Migrant Workers!
End Forced Migration!
Long Live International Solidarity!
For more information, please contact669-247-9378. 
For more information on IMA: https://wearemigrants.net/about/
Dignity and Justice for Migrant Workers
Dignity and Justice for Migrant Workers

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