February 4 – Filipino Community Forum & Free Immigration Legal Clinic

Thanks to Rommel Conclara and TFC – Balitang America for always being there to help promote the community work we do.

Thanks to Astralogik – Charito and Rowena for lending their skills to help. Rowena was giving massage therapy through-ought the day. Also, Thank you for sharing your beautiful music with us. Video Here

Thanks to all the lawyers from ALA-Asian Law Alliance, Katharine George & Alexander Community Law Center and FBANC-Filipino Bar Association of Northern California.

Thanks to all the organizations that took part in organizing, planning and outreaching and help out on the day of the event.

Love building and breaking bread with our community! Looking forward to doing more work together!



Spanning three months of careful and considerate planning, a handful of South Bay-based Filipin@ grassroots and nonprofit organizations, including PAWIS, L.E.A.D Filipino, Asian Law Alliance, Fil-CAIA and FYC, teamed up to offer a free Immigrant Rights Forum and Legal Clinic to the Silicon Valley community, inclusive of technical presentations, legal assistance and educational resources. 
Featuring civic and community leaders, attendees learned how to safeguard themselves and their loved ones against unreasonable search and seizures, received information on affordable healthcare options in light of an ACA repeal, and met one-on-one with legal experts in the realms of Immigration, Housing and Employment issues. 
Gathering nearly ~60 attendees, the Immigrant Rights Forum and Legal Clinic was an afternoon of both empowerment and positivity, in verbal expression through our “Dear Mr. Trump Open Mic” hosted by FANHS Santa Clara Valley, Filipin@ cultural appreciation in dances by Santa Clara University’s Barkada student organization, and linguistic embrace by L.E.A.D Filipino’s James Binauhan’s Tagalog Class. 
The root of our collective work is: the community.  By banding together, the members of the respective Filipin@ grassroots and nonprofit organizations that worked shoulder-to-shoulder to bring this event to our locale, want our community to know that there’s a network, a safety net, of groups who work each day to ensure that everyone in our community is safe, secure and well.
In Solidarity,
Angelica C. 
L.E.A.D Filipino
“Amidst the uncertainties generated by the Trump administration with its anti-immigrant/anti-Muslim/anti-refugees policies, the Filipino communities in the Bay Area push back by organizing and educating the people of their rights.” –
Felwina – Silicon Valley Workers Project

Pictures from Felwina – from Silicon Valley Workers Project

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