Pawis – Expanded EC Retreat – 2019 Planning

PAWIS – Pilipino Association of Workers and Immigrants – New Year weekend trip to plan for the year of 2019. The night before, we prepared some food to pack for the trip. On the menu: Binagoongan, Fried chicken – special recipe from Fel and cooked by Josephine. We headed out early in the morning for a 2 hour drive. First stop over was Bothe-Napa Valley State Park and a brunch picnic. pictures below 🙂


After a beautiful and filling brunch, we headed to Castello De Amoroso. Feeling like royalty with the castle in the background. It was photo op time with the family.


After enjoying the view at the Castello De Amoroso castle, we headed to Sterling Winery. It was time for some wine tasting. The wine was delicious and the cable car was really cool. The kids definitely enjoyed the ride.


Had to take a picture of the board: Before I die I want to: ___________________

Someone wrote Before I die I want to have a world revolution. 🙂

It was definitely a day full of adventure and ended the day feeling great! Must be the wine! 🙂

So we headed to the house we rented for the night located in Santa Rosa. But before we left NAPA, we took picture of the Welcome to NAPA sign.

“Welcome to this world famous wine growing region.”


We had prepared our food ahead of time so we actually never spent money buying food. Pawis members come from different region in the Philippines and so were always treated to so many different dishes.

Before getting some rest, it was business time. The essence of why we planned a weekend getaway. It was for our general plan of action for the year 2019. We calendar the whole year with our quarterly legal clinic, highlighted the major events like Women’s March, International Workers Day all the way to December for Human Rights day, Election and Christmas Party.

We united on a plan to retain Pawis members, activate the old members, expand and recruit. We also planned on leadership development, public speaking, facilitation and personal development covering physical and mental health.


After uniting on our GPOA. It time to reunite with some sleep. 🙂 Get some needed rest and be ready for the next days adventure.

Pawis members are up early preparing breakfast in the kitchen. We had meatballs, small hotdogs, tortang itlog and left over binagoongan. Yum!

unnamed (16)

First stop of the day was Sausalito. Explored the tourist town, enjoyed the view and had a picnic at the park.

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Next stop was Golden Gate Park to checkout the Palace of Fine Arts.

unnamed (3)unnamed (4)_DSC0602_DSC0603_DSC0606_DSC0607_DSC0608_DSC0609_DSC0610_DSC0615_DSC0616_DSC0618_DSC0619_DSC0620_DSC0621_DSC0624_DSC0626_DSC0630_DSC0633_DSC0634_DSC0635_DSC0637

It was a fun filled weekend with PAWIS and were excited and re-energized to start off the new year to continue to serve the people and our community, fight for the rights and welfare of our kababayan here and abroad and to affect change back home in the Philippines. Sulong!



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