Caregiver Research (CARE) Project

You can view, download, and print the CARE Project Report here: VIEW FULL REPORT.

Through both qualitative and quantitative analysis using community-based participatory research methods, participant observation, and interviews of Filipino caregivers for the elderly and disabled, this study examines the living and working conditions of caregivers in Santa Clara County, with a particular focus on wage theft. It finds that employers utilize a variety of schemes to steal wages from caregivers, including pay below minimum wage; lack of payment for hours worked; excessive deductions for food, housing, and medical insurance, sometimes without the provision thereof; and payment with bounced checks. All workers interviewed in this study have faced or are facing some form of wage theft, yet only a handful have filed legal cases against their employers due to fear of retaliation. PAWIS recommends that the County and its cities adopt and implement policies to hold unscrupulous employers accountable and ensure fair pay for all workers.

End Wage Theft
Filipino Community
CARE Project Research

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