Wage Theft Campaign

Wage Theft Campaign
PAWIS has long stood up against wage theft, organizing and empowering Pilipino migrant workers to stand up for their rights since 2001.

Now, we are a part of the Wage Theft Coalition, consisting of various ethnic groups and organizations opposed to wage theft, which deeply affects workers in the restaurant industry, construction, home care and other low-wage industries.

While PAWIS supports workers who want to file wage claims against exploitative employers, it also recognizes that we must take action to strengthen enforcement of current and potential laws against wage theft in Santa Clara County. These are not isolated incidents of abuse, but a system that we need to change. Even more than that, PAWIS always connects the issues that migrant workers in the US face to the root causes of out-migration in the Philippines: poverty, joblessness, and mass corruption. Let us join hands in fighting for fair living and working conditions in Santa Clara County, the US, and around the world, and for a liberated Philippines that doesn’t export and exploit its people!

If you’re interested in being involved and want to support, please contact: Bo Redondiez at 1.818.568.8146 or Michael Tayag at 1.760.831.8789.

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