Pilipino Association of Workers and Im/migrantS translates to “sweat” and symbolizes the struggles, hardships, and sacrifices of the members to provide for the needs of our loved ones with dignity.

How Was PAWIS Formed?

     In 2002, PAWIS was formed to fight against social and economic injustice faced by Filipino workers and im/migrants in Santa Clara County. Initial PAWIS members were former airport screeners, resulting from the U.S. Aviation and Transportation Security Act after 9-11-2001. *This Act is discriminatory against Filipino workers and im/migrants. It requires airport screeners to be US citizens and that they pass a new employment and language test, which had nothing to do with the job of airport screeners. *Today PAWIS continues to support Filipinos in Santa Clara County, the bay area, in the U.S and around the world. Many are working in industries such as health care, retail/sales, and electronic manufacturing.

Our Mission and Vision

We are Filipino workers and im/migrants, realizing the need to support ourselves collectively to strengthen our voice and stand against any forms of abuse and exploitation.

Bind our selves together to create an organization, which shall have the nationalist and democratic ideals of our people in general, and in Santa Clara County in particular.

We shall tirelessly work to defend the rights gained by the struggles of Filipino workers and im/migrants and shall forever uphold their welfare.

Our Objectives and Purpose

  • Conduct education, information and training to our members on issues that affects Filipino workers and im/migrants in general and relate this to our own situation.
  • Provide assistance and collective        support for the welfare of active        members through referrals.
  •  Unite with other Filipino organizations for the advancement of the rights and welfare of our members and other Filipino workers and im/migrants
  •  Unite with workers and im/migrants of other nationalities, advocates and other like minded institutions and groups to advance their rights and welfare.
  •  Strengthen unity and camaraderie among members of PAWIS.

Our Activities

Workers Campaigns
Social Events
Quarterly Legal Clinics & Know Your Rights Training

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